eIDverifier by Equifax: The Implementation

At Tindr, we often get asked to fix broken software projects. Typically a lot of bad things have happened along the way – underskilled development teams, a lack of discipline around code and testing, poor project management and the like.

In this particular project, we inherited the code with some functionality in what we were told was “ready for production” condition. Part of that “complete” software was the code for eIDverifier, an Equifax product for authentication of personal information. As far as we knew, that part of the project was working and so we focussed our efforts on the implementation of a new registration process plus some other minor and not so minor changes.

Houston, we have a problem

It was during testing that we notices that all of our results from eIDverifier by Equifax were coming negative. The test cases should have been working but they simply weren’t.

Ok, so let’s try again. Not the expected results. The documentation was not very helpful on this particular scenario — in fact is missing. All this testing was done on a Sunday afternoon, so we had to wait until the next morning to contact Equifax to get some answers. The tip we received, although vague, gave us an idea of where to start looking.

After expending some time looking at the logs, the code we inherited and the actual API, we found where the problem was. It turned out that the functionality never had a chance of working at all. A few more minutes modifying the code and we were ready to test again. Et voila, we finally had it working correctly.

The fact was the code we inherited never actually worked, the connection and responses back from the API all were looking good but it was missing key pieces of the process, most of them in the Equifax documentation.

Unfortunately because of confidentiality rules, we cannot give any details of the problem or the solution, in fact you are strongly advised to contact Equifax for support. But if you need a team to work on your app with some experience working with the API, you can contact us and we can get your service running in no time.