Tindr client iVerify.com endorsed by 3rd most trustworthy celebrity in the world

We’ve been working closely with iVerify.com for over a year now – helping them to develop their home history report and bring it to market. And they’ve just hit a massive milestone that should help to spread the word about this important service.

iVerify today announced that they had been endorsed by Mike Holmes, Forbes’ 3rd most trusted celebrity worldwide who said “This is crucial information for anyone buying a home. It gives you essential facts that every homeowner has a right to know. You should know if the home you’re buying was a grow-op, or if there was a fire. That could mean thousands of dollars in repairs”.

In addition to the endorsement, homebuyers can now get an iVerify report along with a Mike Holme Inspection - getting both the hard facts about a property from the report and one of the most comprehensive home inspections on the market at the same time.